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Valet Services

GOPARK recognize(s) the importance of creating that very first special impression and seeing it through to the end of our guest experience. Our success in our delivery to our clients would not be possible without first solidifying our approach with our personnel.

Management Team

GOPARK is devoted to providing an extraordinary work environment for our team to engage and grow within an industry fused by interaction, innovation, and collaboration. Through our Great Expectations Program, our staff is empowered to make decisions about their jobs, “own” their work and take responsibility for their results.We truly believe that employee empowerment helps employees provide the ultimate in customer service to your clients, ultimately adding value to your business.

Service Excellence

Our firm is keenly aware that the parking experience is for many what shapes their first impression of their overall experience. From the appearance of the guest services area, to greeting customers and opening doors with proper mannerisms, our goal is to ensure that each individual patron is receiving first-class customer care.


Therefore, we make a commitment to all of our clients to design, uphold, and evolve tailored parking programs that are not only a visual experience, but a personal one!


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Shopping Centers






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Stadium Venues

 GOPARK Facts:

GOPARK provides Background checks & Screening, Motor Vehicle Reports (M.V.R.’s), and Drug TestingGOPARK Provides Continuous training for Team Members including

  • Patron, Personnel, Property Relations
  • Leadership, Team Building, Exceeding Expectations
  • Safety & Awareness
  • Vehicle Technology
  • Luggage Handling

GOPARK produced a 99.99% successful park to claim ratio in 2014

GOPARK provides (10,000,000) Excess Liability-  General Liability, Garage Keepers, along with Workers Comp.