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Doorman Services

Our Doorman service is truly a great way to dress up your venue to create a professional and appealing atmosphere. We understand the front-line’s role as the first point of contact with your guest, and we work hard to exceed expectations and ensure that first impression is a positive one. Our supervisory and front line staff demonstrates our commitment to our clients first and foremost, and we deliver on this promise through our GREAT Expectations program:

( Goals  – Results – Expediency – Accountability – Timing )


Our Doorman programs are developed using customer-service and parking industry best practices and are tailored to meet site specific and client requirements.  Experienced professionals in a workshop environment coach staff through situation based scenarios.  Our training programs also include live practical sessions under the leadership of management and experienced staff.

 Services delivered:

  • Positive Impression
  • Customer Care
  • Direction Guidance
  • Luggage Assistance
  • Coordinate Transportation
  • Information Genesis
  • Exceed Expectations