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Green Initiatives

Climate change is increasingly recognized as a major challenge, and it is widely accepted that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by human activity are having a negative impact on the environment. This subject remains a hot topic across the media. People are increasingly concerned about the environment, their quality of life, and the impact of environmentally-friendly products and services.

Local government and businesses proactively promote green initiatives in their communities, in order to address the informed demands of the public. The parking industry has a role to play in this green culture, and calculating one’s carbon footprint is the logical first step in a program to reduce these emissions!

Concern for the environment is becoming more prevalent in the parking industry and GOPARK is a pioneer where parking and the environment is concerned. GOPARK is now following the lead of the Carbon Trust – a government-funded body whose mission is to accelerate the shift toward a low-carbon economy by working with organizations to reduce their current carbon emissions as well as develop low carbon technologies for the future. Some of GOPARK’S green initiatives include:

  • Actively working alongside their manufacturing partner Parkeon, and with the Carbon Trust to evaluate and reduce their carbon footprint. Today 95% of our Pay & Displays installed in the United States and Canada are solar powered which saves enough electricity to run one average single dwelling home for eight months.
  • Encouraging Property and Facility Managers to install electric charging stations at all garages.
  • Utilizing vehicle tracking technology with a “Call Allocation System” that allows GOPARK’S IPARC (interactive Parking Access Response Centre) to send the nearest available service engineer, minimizing travel time and fuel costs (thereby reducing carbon emissions).